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 +===== CometID Pane =====
 +The CometID pane locates the left bottom corner of BitComet user interface. And actually it's a part of "​Favorite",​ but as this is different from all the above entries, we talk about it here. So, if you want to set this section invisible in BitComet'​s interface, do the same as for "​Favorite";​ click the Favorite button in [[bitcomet_toolbar|BitComet Toolbar]] or go to Main Menu->"​View"​->"​Favorite"​ and un-tick it. 
 +<​html><​span style=color:​RoyalBlue>​Tip:</​span></​html>​ Signing in your Comet Passport may speed up your download. You can create CometID [[http://​www.cometid.com/​passport/​register|here]]. [[cometid|Read more]]
 +  * //​Username(Blog)//:​ account username. Click and you can get access to your user blog.
 +  * //​EXP//​:Shows the progress to the next level and will begin from zero again when a new level reached. ​
 +  * //Level//: CometID level icon
 +  * //Score//: Scores of your CometID
 +  * //Title//: Title for your CometID
 +  * //​Ranking//:​ Ranking of this CometID among worldwide users. ​
 +**Service**\\ Other sites that BitComet holds for you to enjoy with CometID. Including video, movies, games, blogs, software and album sites.
 +-[[bitcomet_favorites_bar|Previous Page]] -[[bitcomet_task_list|Next Page]]\\
 +-[[start|Main Index]]
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