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-===== BitComet HTTP/FTP Task Properties ===== 
-Like BT task properties, if you want to check a HTTP/FTP task, you need to select a HTTP/FTP task in the task list and right-click to open the property dialog by clicking "​Properties"​ in the drop-down menu.  
-    * //URL//: Required. It can be queried automatically when downloading form webpage or you can enter the URL when you make a new .torrent file. 
-    * //File Size//: Click "​Query"​ to know the file size and whether it supports breakpoints transmission. 
-    * //Disk Space//: Automatically query the disk space and rest space of the save path. 
-    * //Save Path//: Required. Appoint a destination path by selecting it in the drop down menu or enter a path manually. 
-    * {{:​tsk_ppt_02.png|}}: Browse to choose a save path for the file. 
-    * {{:​tsk_ppt_03.png|}}: Set the current path as default. 
-    * //Save as//: Required. Give a name for the downloaded file in your local server. ​ 
-    * //Rename//: Details on naming a files. 
-<​html><​br /></​html> ​ 
-    * //Download Now//: Start downloading immediately after clicking. 
-    * //Download later//: Suspend or stop a task and manually start when needed. 
-   Note: The default settings are the best, common users are recommended to keep the default options. 
-    * //Search for mirrors to speed up your download//: Checked by default. This allows getting data form other mirror servers. 
-    * //Search for more users to speed up your download//: Checked by default. You can get more details form other users. 
-    * //Try mirrors when the server is down//: Checked by default. 
-    * //​Connection number//:​ simultaneous connections for the HTTP/FTP task. With the default number 5. 
-    * //Max download rate//: Default unlimited. Can be set to limit the max download rate for the selected task.  
-    * //​Referrer//:​ auto-queried according to download URL and can be modified manually. 
-    * //User-name and password needed to access server//: Auto-load when downloading and can be modified manually. ​ 
-    * //Please input mirror URLs below//:​(Not recommended when mirror URLs are unsure) ​ 
-    * //MD5 Verification Code//: when the download is finished, enter the MD5 verification code to check whether the downloaded file's content is identical with the original one.  
-    * //​Description//:​ Statements queried automatically from the download link. Can be modified. ​ 
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