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 ===== BitComet Main Window ===== ===== BitComet Main Window =====
-**Latest version: (v1.23)**\\ +**Latest version: (v1.28)**\\ 
-{{:win_01c.png|}}\\ <​html><​br /></​html>  ​+{{:win_01c_20110712-2.png|}}\\ <​html><​br /></​html>  ​
 **Older version: (v1.11)**\\ **Older version: (v1.11)**\\
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 ---- ----
-[[bitcomet_main_menus|Main Menus]]\\ [[bitcomet_toolbar|Toolbar]]\\ [[bitcomet_favorites_bar|Favorite Bar]]\\ [[cometid_pane|Passport ​Pane]]\\ [[bitcomet_task_list|Task List]]\\ [[bitcomet_detailed_info_pane|Detailed Info Pane]]\\ [[bitcomet_status_bar|Status Bar]]\\ <​html><​br /></​html>​ **[[start|Main Index]]**+[[bitcomet_main_menus|Main Menus]]\\ [[bitcomet_toolbar|Toolbar]]\\ [[bitcomet_favorites_bar|Favorite Bar]]\\ [[cometid_pane|CometID ​Pane]]\\ [[bitcomet_task_list|Task List]]\\ [[bitcomet_detailed_info_pane|Detailed Info Pane]]\\ [[bitcomet_status_bar|Status Bar]]\\ <​html><​br /></​html>​ **[[start|Main Index]]**
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