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 **BitTorrent Tracker** ​ **BitTorrent Tracker** ​
-This option page is added in BitComet v1.51.+This option page was introduced ​in BitComet v1.51.
-* //Add trackers to torrent automatically//: ​Unchecked ​by default. +  ​* //Add trackers to torrent automatically//: ​unchecked ​by default.\\ If enabled this option, trackers in below list will be added to BitTorrent downloading when task started. It is helpful to find more peers from some well-known public tracker servers. The trackers list can be specified manually, or auto updated from a HTTP link. Supported tracker type includes HTTP, HTTPS and UDP tracker. \\ Note this function only works for for **non-private** torrent
 +  * // Update tracker list every day automatically//:​ unchecked by default.\\ If enabled this option, the trackers list above will be updated at BitComet launch time and every 24 hours, by visiting the specified HTTP link. An example of trackers list source is the open source project [[https://​github.com/​ngosang/​trackerslist|TrackersList]],​ which provided severe trackers list collection. The address filled in the above snapshot is \\ [[https://​raw.githubusercontent.com/​ngosang/​trackerslist/​master/​trackers_best.txt]]
 ==== eMule (ED Task) ====  ==== eMule (ED Task) ==== 
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