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Help Translations of BitComet

Supported Languages: 52 Languages

Note: BitComet does not provide related .mo file for those languages marked with stars, either because their translations are far from complete, or they are reduplicated with other languages.

If you want to use one of these languages to replace the language you are currently using, please download the corresponding .mo file from https://translations.launchpad.net/bitcomet, and save it to the lang sub-folder of the BitComet installation folder.

Help Translations of BitComet

As BitComet users are from all over the world, we can not provide every kind of language our users speak. So we provide a platform for our users to help translate BitComet. There are two ways to help translating BitComet: online or offline.

Translate BitComet online (v1.35 and later)

Please visit http://www.bbcomet.com/projects/bitcomet/ to do the translation.

Translate BitComet online in Launchpad (v1.34 and earlier, abandoned)

This section is abandoned. Lanuchpad is a third-party website-hosting service, for open source/free software projects. We, therefore, use Launchpad so that users from all over the world, may help translate online BitComet.

The next instructions pertain to translating online using the web interface of the Launchpad site. Please refer to the next section for off-line translation, instead.

  1. Open BitComet translation project on Launchpad.
  2. Register/login your account at first and then continue.

  3. After signing in, click “Choose Preferred Languages…” to go forward.

  4. Select the language you want to translate from the list (support multiple choices), and click Save.

  5. Click on the language name you selected in the previous step and you will be redirected to a new page.

  6. Select “License all my translations in Lauchpad under the BSD license” to continue.

  7. For those sentences which need translating, enter your new translation in the form and then click the “Save&Continue” button after you finished. All your translations will be saved in Launchpad and will be merged automatically in the next version of BitComet.

Translate BitComet offline from Launchpad

This is a brief tutorial for offline translating of BitComet from Launchpad.

If you want to translate BitComet directly on Launchpad online, please refer to the previous section Translate BitComet from Launchpad.

1) Download and install Poedit:

  • Original version (www.poedit.net)
  • Modified version (download) with the following improvements:
    • Displays “Message Context” for each message, besides “Original String” and “Translation”.
    • Sorts messages by “Message Context” by default.
    • Sorts messages by “Translation” if it opens a PO file while pressing Ctrl key.
    • Supports update of all PO files in a project using POT file.

2) Download the BitComet language file for a particular language from Launchpad:
a) Select a language;

b) Click the “Download” button;

c) Select “PO format” and click “Confirm Download” button;

d) An e-mail will arrive (in a few minutes or up to one hour) with the address of the PO file that contains the strings used in BitComet's interface.

3) Open the downloaded PO file in Poedit and translate the non-translated strings (and also verify the fuzzy strings, if they are correctly translated).

4) The translation may be verified by copying the bitcomet-xx.mo file in the “lang” subfolder of BitComet, and switching to that language with Tools>Language, from inside the software. After verification, the PO file can be uploaded to Launchpad.

5) Go to the Launchpad page that contains the translated language, and upload the PO file:
a) Click the “Upload a file” button (near the leaderboard).

b) Browse to the local BitComet PO file and then click “Upload”.

The translation will be loaded inside Launchpad and will be included, automatically, in the next version of BitComet.

(Thanks to Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu for this tutorial.)


Converting a PO file to MO file

Open the .po file with Poedit. Pressing 'Ctrl + s' will automatically generate the saving of the po and mo files.

Convert MO file to PO file

Use command “msgunfmt” to convert an MO file into a PO file. First, move the .mo file to Poedit's bin directory. Secondly, run the command prompt, open Poedit's bin directory and enter the command: “ msgunfmt xxx.mo > xxx.po”.

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