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-=====Private Torrents===== 
-====What are private torrents?​==== 
-Private torrents can only be downloaded by registered members, they are normally released by private torrent sites. Private torrent sites are the sites use private trackers, users visites are restricted by their servers, only registered members can login to the site. The private torrent sites with private tracker usually adopt inviting system, which means only trusted users will receive invitation codes, so that they can register and login to the site, and download the torrents with private tracker URLs which provided by the private torrent site. These sites usually execute forced ratio of minimum uploading and downloading rates, which means registered users need a certain uploading amount to obtain more download quota. Therefore the availablity and downloading speed of torrents can be increased. 
-Private torrents contain ”private=1” in "​info"​ characters. Detailed definition can be read here:​http://​www.bittorrent.org/​beps/​bep_0027.html ​ 
-====How does BitComet manage private torrents?​==== 
-BitComet provides complete private torrents downloading support, it follows the rules below when downloading ​ 
-**private torrents:** 
-  * Connect to private trackers only.  
-  * Never connects DHT net. 
-  * Doesn'​t support peer exchange. 
-  * Doesn'​t support eMule plugin cross protocol downloading. 
-  * Doesn'​t support long-term seeding. ​ 
-====How to make private torrents?​==== 
-  * Go to the main menus of BitComet, click "​File"​ -> "Make torrent... (Ctrl+M)"​ 
-  * In the pop-up window of torrent making, select the file or folder you wish to upload, fill the tracker URL of the private torrent site in "​Tracker servers and DHT network nodes list", and also check "​Private torrents"​\\ {{pt_01.png|}} 
--[[long-term_seeding|Previous Page]] -[[preview_while_downloading|Next Page]]\\ 
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