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 ====What are private torrents?​==== ====What are private torrents?​====
-Private ​torrents can only be downloaded by registered members, they are normally shared ​by private torrent sites. ​Private ​torrent sites are the sites use private trackers, users visites ​are restricted by their servers, only registered members can login to the siteThe private ​torrent sites with private tracker ​usually adopt inviting system, which means only trusted users will receive invitation codes, ​so that they can register and login to the site, and download ​the torrents with private tracker URLs which provided by the private torrent siteThese sites usually execute forced ratio of minimum uploading ​and downloading rateswhich means registered users need a certain uploading amount ​to obtain more download quota. Therefore the availablity and downloading speed of torrents can be increased.+Private ​Torrents ​are issued ​by Private ​Trackers which require registration and often an invitation from existing members (in good standing). Most private trackers ​operate a forced ratio tracking system where a user is required to have a minimum amount of upload and are often required to seed their torrents for a minimum time limit to maintain their membership 
 +Many private ​trackers operate High Speed Servers (seedbox) to seed their torrents, so download speeds are often much faster. Many are also strict ​with enforcement of ratios and min. seeding time so it's wise to thoroughly read the rules when joining a private tracker.  
 +Some private trackers regularly open registration to new members at random times so that new members ​can join without need of invitation codes. Some also have an application process where a prospective member can submit references from other private trackers ​to show they have a good track record ​and will be an asset to the communityA good working knowledge ​of bittorrent ​and IRC (internet relay chat) protocol is usually required when applying for membershipbut the easiest way to join is to be invited by a current member who has earned invite privileges
 Private torrents contain ”private=1” in "​info"​ characters. Detailed definition can be read here:​http://​www.bittorrent.org/​beps/​bep_0027.html ​ Private torrents contain ”private=1” in "​info"​ characters. Detailed definition can be read here:​http://​www.bittorrent.org/​beps/​bep_0027.html ​
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