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-===== Uninstall BitComet ===== 
-==== 1. Uninstalling BitComet Setup package ==== 
-Please follow the following instructions to remove BitComet from your computer: 
-  - **Go to Start menu, choose BitComet from All programs, and click “Uninstall”.**\\ {{:​unis_01.png|}} \\ <​html><​br /></​html>​ 
-  - **Follow the uninstallation window (below) to uninstall CometMarks.**\\ {{:​unis_02.png|}}\\ {{:​unis_03.png|}}\\ {{:​unis_04.png|}}\\ {{:​unis_05.png|}} 
-  Note:When uninstallation has completed, some document files still remain in the BitComet ​ 
-  folder. If you do not manually delete these files, the settings files within, will be kept  
-  until the next time you reinstall Bitcomet. 
-==== 2. Uninstall non-installation BitComet Version ==== 
-Deleting the Zip package directly, will remove the non-installation Bitcomet form your computer.\\ If you have any problems, please post here: http://​www.cometforums.com/​ We will try our best to help you. Thank you for your support for BitComet. 
--[[using_bitcomet_to_download_online_video|Previous Page]]\\ -[[start|Main Index]] 
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