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HTTP/FTP Batch Download

Go to “File”→“HTTP/FTP Batch Download”; you will open a Batch Download dialog. This option is convenient for you to download several files at the same time. There are several ways to open Batch Download dialog and begin HTTP/FTP tasks batch download.

  • Go to the webpage where is the data you want to download, and right-click your mouse then click “Download all links with BitComet“.

  • HTTP/FTP Batch Download dialog pops out. Select and tick those files you want to download in the URL list.

  • Choose your save directory or keep the default one and click “Download Now” or “Download Later”.

Method 2: Manually enter URL in the Batch Download dialog

Take BitComet official page for example. Suppose you want to download BitComet from version 1.10 to 1.14. Right-click and copy the two versions' download URLs. And we know they are respectively http://cn.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_1.10_setup.exe and http://cn.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_1.14_setup.exe.

  • Main Menu→ “File(F)”–>“HTTP/FTP Batch Download(B)”, click and open Batch download dialog.
  • Enter respectively in the “First URL” and “Last URL”:
First URL: http://cn.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_1.10_setup.exe
Last URL: http://cn.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_1.14_setup.exe

BitComet will automatically list all URLs between the two versions, in the following blank field. Look at the following snapshot:

  • Click “Add” at the bottom of the dialog.
  • HTTP/FTP Batch download dialog appears.

  • Choose save directory, click “Download now” or “Download later”.

Method 3: Import URLs from local disk

  • Enter URLs of files you wish to download to a .txt file and save it.

  • Main Menu → “File(F)”→“HTTP/FTP Batch download”, click and open Batch download dialog.

  • Choose “Add URLs from file” and browse to the location of the .txt file with the URLs inside. All URLs will be listed in the blank field.

  • Click the “Add” button to continue.
  • HTTP/FTP Batch Download dialog appears.

  • Choose the save directory then click “Download now” or “Download later”.

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