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BitComet Software Privacy Policy

We have established and implemented this BitComet Software Privacy Policy to inform you, the users of the Software, how we use and protect the personal information when you use the BitComet Software.

Information we collect:

  • The BitComet Software (the “Software”) automatically sends only standard, limited information to BitComet, which may be retained in BitComet's server logs. We do not associate this data with personally-identifiable information about you. The Software does not send any information about the files you are downloading, unless you enable the function of “Search for mirrors”, while downloading via HTTP/FTP protocol.
  • If you enable the function of “Search for mirrors” via HTTP/FTP , the Software may send some necessary information (such as URL links and downloading files' unique labels) to BitComet servers, in order to help you get more mirrors, thus accelerating your download speed. Your personal information is not contained in this data and information.
  • If you are using BitTorrent download, the Software sends identifying information (such as the Hash Code) to the trackers appointed by the torrent, to search for other users who are downloading the same torrent, making it possible to exchange file data with them. The BitComet Software cannot access this data or information. The information/data of files in your computer is not available for uploading to trackers or other users, unless it is put into the torrent.
  • The BitComet Software Features that give you access to other BitComet services such as CometID are subject to the separate Privacy Policies of those products.
  • Third party site links or search boxes in the Software may send information such as search queries to sites not operated by BitComet, which are not covered by the BitComet Software Privacy Policy.
  • The BitComet Software contacts our servers periodically, to check if a later version is available and update some texts, links or images within the software, during which only the information in the configuration files of the Software is checked. No personally-identifiable information is included.


  • In order to supply a better service, we may process some information which comes from your computer but which is not related to your privacy. An example: The Software may send your queries to the site you request. This information, however, is under your control - you can choose the site to which the information is sent.
  • Also, we may retain some information submitted by you in our servers. As an example, we may keep the download URLs which you used to send to the server when you chose “Search for mirrors”, as the mirrors for files which you downloaded. When other users download the same file and enable the function “Search for mirrors” in their BitComet Software, these mirrors will be used to help their download. The servers, however, do not record who has submitted these links (or mirrors), meaning that your personally-identifiable information is not contained in said information, nor retained by the servers.
  • We may get log information about aggregate BitComet Software usage, in order to improve our services, by collecting data from your computer when the BitComet Software updates. This may take place, for example, when the Software updates, as it contacts the server.
  • Meantime, we may collect the information about your BitComet Software version, your location, the language support of your system, and so on. We would gather said information from all of the users combined, forming the aggregate BitComet Software usage, from which your personal information could not be be uniquely identifiable. We do not record a single user's personal information.

Your choices:

  • You may disable the function “Search for mirrors” in “Properties” of a download task at any time. With this function disabled, the Software does not contact BitComet during your downloading.
  • By using the Software, you acknowledge that you agree with the BitComet Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the Policy, you may not access or use the Software. You will be notified if this policy is materially changed, at which time, you will have the opportunity to discontinue using the BitComet Software.

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