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-===== Using BitComet to Download Online Video ===== 
-Besides BitTorrent downloading tasks and HTTP/FTP tasks, BitComet also can be used to download online video (video streams). 
-  - The browser. At present time, BitComet can only support Internet Explorer and web browsers with Firefox Gecko engine. If you are using Firefox, please make sure you select //"​Integrate with Firefox"//​ when installing BitComet on your computer. If you are not using Firefox, we recommend that you try to install [[http://​www.cometbird.com/​|CometBird browser]]. It's integrated with BitComet online video downloader and it's a Firefox Gecko based browser. <​html><​br /></​html>​ 
-  - For the first time use, please make sure you have installed BitComet video downloader in your browser. Please check: //Tools --> Add-ons --> Extensions: BitComet Video Downloader.//​ (If you do not know how to add this extension to your browser, please read the help in [[BitComet Options]] topic.)\\ {{:​dd_10.png|}}\\ <​html><​br /></​html> ​   
-  - Navigate to webpages that contain the embedded video/​audio/​flash,​ with your browser (Cometbird, Firefox).\\ <​html><​br /></​html>​ 
-  - Play the Video/​Audio/​Flash file you want to capture (make sure that the video cache progress bar got to 100% or if the played video doesn'​t display a cached video progress bar just play the whole length of the clip first). Right click and select //Download Media Files// in the context menu.\\ <​html><​br /></​html>​ 
-  - Check the video(s) in the list, which you want to download and click on the captured video file [File format---File size---File name] to download directly. \\ {{:​dd_11.png|}}\\ <​html><​br /></​html>​ 
-  - (Optional) Also, click on //Capture Audio files and Capture Flash files// to download the embedded audio and flash.\\ <​html><​br /></​html>​ 
-  - (Optional) Install [[http://​www.mpcstar.com|MPCSTAR]] to play the video files (.flv files) you've downloaded. ​ 
--[[using_bitcomet_to_download_files_http_ftp_protocols|Previous Page]] -[[uninstall_bitcomet|Next Page]]\\ -[[start|Main Index]] 
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