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BitComet Favorites Bar

The Favorites bar is located on the left of BitComet's User Interface. And just like for BitComet Toolbar, the visibility of the Favorites bar can be set in Main Menu → View → Favorites or just by clicking on the “Favorites” button in the BitComet Toolbar.


  • All Downloads: Allows you to see all the tasks in the tasklist. Including all the following groups: Downloading, Completed and Uploading. The number in brackets is the total number of tasks for each of the three groups.
    • Downloading: Displays all the tasks that are being downloaded. The number in brackets is the number of tasks being downloaded.
    • Completed: Displays all the tasks that are already downloaded at 100% percent (completed). The number in brackets is the total number of this group.
    • Uploading: Shows the tasks that have been downloaded and now are being uploaded (seeding). The number in brackets is the number of tasks being uploaded.
 Note: There are only three groups by default. If you need to create more groups, 
 please do that by means of the tags. 
  • Task Tags: BitComet will automatically add tags for each task to download. There are four tags by default: Video, Software, Music and Pictures. For tag management: right-click “Task Tags” in the left navigation bar, and click “Manage tags ” to organize tags in the pop-up dialog or choose Tools → Options → Task Tags.
  • VIP Downloads: BitComet will automaticaaly add each vip task to the VIP Downloads. The list can help to find vip enabled tasks. Users can clear the task list manually.
  • Torrent History: BitComet will automatically add each task to the Torrent History if the option to enable this is checked on the Options → BitTorrent (BT task in older versions) page. Click “Torrent History” and the Torrent History list will be shown on the right side.
  • Torrent Exchange: Right-clicking on this category brings up a context menu which allows you to enable/disable torrent exchange.
    • Torrent Share: Displays the torrents which you are currently sharing with other BitComet users. Only the torrents for which sharing is enabled will be visible in this list. If you do not want to share a torrent any more, right-click the torrent and choose “Remove”; the torrent won't be shared with other users anymore.
    • Torrent Collection: Torrent Collection lists the torrents other users share with you through the Torrent Exchange feature of BitComet. If you want to set how many torrents will be displayed in the list, please set at Options → Task → BitTorrent (BT task in older versions).
  • Torrent Sites: BitComet collects all the popular torrent index sites here, allowing you to easily look for the torrents you wish to download. BitComet users also may share their own data with other people by making a torrent with BitComet.
  • Popular Sites: This is a collection of popular sites that BitComet users may be interested to visit.
  • BitComet Homepage
    • BitComet Homepage: Opens BitComet Homepage in your default web browser.
    • BitComet Forums: Opens BitComet Forum in your default web browser. A place for BitComet users to talk about BitComet, find answers to their problems and provide feedback and suggestions to the BitComet Development Team.


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IE Favorites

Promptly get access to IE favorites.

Note: All sites in the IE favorites will be opened in your default web browser. 

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