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CometID Pane

The CometID pane locates the left bottom corner of BitComet user interface. And actually it's a part of “Favorite”, but as this is different from all the above entries, we talk about it here. So, if you want to set this section invisible in BitComet's interface, do the same as for “Favorite”; click the Favorite button in BitComet Toolbar or go to Main Menu→“View”→“Favorite” and un-tick it.

Tip: Signing in your Comet Passport may speed up your download. You can create CometID here. Read more

  • Username(Blog): account username. Click and you can get access to your user blog.
  • EXP:Shows the progress to the next level and will begin from zero again when a new level reached.


  • Level: CometID level icon
  • Score: Scores of your CometID
  • Title: Title for your CometID
  • Ranking: Ranking of this CometID among worldwide users.

Other sites that BitComet holds for you to enjoy with CometID. Including video, movies, games, blogs, software and album sites.

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